The Phantom - Who is Mr Walker?

On September 5th 2014 a new statue was installed in Stockholm, Sweden. It is called “Vem är Mr Walker?” (“Who is Mr Walker?”) and is created by Swedish artist Jan Håfström.

Håfström has for several years created acclaimed artwork inspired by The Phantom comic strip and more specifically The Phantom’s alter ego Mr Walker. Among Håfström’s previous Phantom-inspired works is the stamp from the Faroe Islands.

The newly installed statue is made from aluminium, 7 metres tall and weighs almost 2000 kilograms. It is in different colors depending on from which direction you look at it: red on one side and blue on the other. It depicts Mr Walker running, in the style of Wilson McCoy, who was the Phantom artist when Håfström, now aged 77, became a Phantom fan.

The statue is located in Järnvägsparken (The Railroad Park) next to Stockholm’s Central Station.

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