• Innovative
  • Inspired by the
    Norwegian nature
  • Norwegian design
  • Awareness
  • Environment friendly
  • Respect
  • Gender & age neutral
Beautiful Norway, Sognerfjord


  • Brand PURENorway® was registrated in 2005.
  • The Brand is sold in several different countries.
  • The Brand donates 1% of the turnover to clean the North Sea for ocean plastics in their own found.
  • Reducing plastic consumption in all PURENorway® products by 80% within 5 years.
  • Owned & inspired by Norwegians.

Pure Norway

PURENorway® is a Nordic and innovative brand inspired by the Norwegian nature.

Life and experience, in harmony with nature, creates health and happiness. That is what Pure Norway is all about. Made for people with an active lifestyle.