Popeye - Moods of Norway

Popeye + Moods of Norway!
Moods of Norway have teamed up with the most famous sailor in the world ⚓️ Let us introduce the special “Popeye by Moods of Norway” collection!

The Norwegian-based clothing brand launched a new men’s collection of monochrome long and short sleeve t-shirts, sweatpants, polo shirts, shorts, boxers, socks and pajama bottoms for Christmas 2016.

“This collaboration with Moods of Norway dovetails wonderfully with our global strategy for the Popeye brand,” said Cathleen Titus, King Features vice president of international licensing.
“We are thrilled to discover such a dynamic fashion brand in the Nordics and are very happy to be partnering with Moods.”

Simen Staalnacke, co-founder of Moods of Norway, added: “The Popeye brand is so much fun. This happy, super strong sailor from 1929 has in some way or another seduced us all.

“The colours, the drawings, the energy and everything else – it all fits so nicely in with the Moods of Norway universe. It has been an honour to get to play with all the drawings of the character, and it has been so much fun seeing the final products in store.

“Our customers love them.”

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