Popeye - Rolex Yacht-Master – BWD x DRx

Bamford Watch Department (BWD) is happy to unveil the latest in their remarkable line of ongoing collaborations with designer and fashion visionary DRx Romanelli, created in official agreement with King Features. In a delightfully whimsical reworking of a highly popular design, the BWD x DRx Popeye Yacht-Master is the last of a cherished series immortalizing the iconic Popeye. Paying homage to the beloved sailor’s first appearance in 1929, this classic grey Yacht-Master brings a decidedly lighthearted touch to an undoubtedly serious piece of engineering and is available as an exclusive run of 29 watches.

Framed on the world-renowned Rolex Yacht-Master, the latest design features an eye-catching and grey colour scheme that pays homage to the original black and white classics of the legendary Popeye franchise. This subtle colouring results in a stunning timepiece, yet ensuring the focus remains on the ever popular, eye-popping character. Utilizing BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) has ensured the watch has an incredibly tough, scratch resistant finish that will ensure a lifespan far exceeding other timepieces, whilst the timeless Popeye design provides a vibrant splash of cartoon colour on the dial.

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