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Pettson & Findus
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  • Created by Sven Nordqvist in 1984
  • Translated into 47 languages
  • 3 million books sold in Sweden
  • 13 million books sold worldwide
  • Multi-awarded author e.g Astrid Lindgren-prize

Pettson & Findus

"Topsy-turvy friendship"

The Swedish literary classic about the old man Pettson and his curious cat Findus is hugely popular with children all around the world. The first book was written by noted author Sven Nordqvist in 1984. In total there are eight different Pettson & Findus book titles.

The books have been translated into over 47 languages and continuously get more popular, year after year.

Several Pettson & Findus films and TV series have been produced and more are coming. The Pettson & Findus story “Tomtemaskinen” was the basis for a TV Christmas Calendar in 1993. If you looking for a well-known, high quality family brand, Pettson & Findus is a sure bet.