Moomin - Theme Park

The Moomin theme park, commonly known as “Moomin Valley”, is located in Naantali in Finland and has delighted visitors for over 10 years already. It’s no wonder the Japanese (who are known as some of the biggest Moomin fans in the world) want one of their own!

Metsä (Forest in Finnish), the first Moomin theme park outside of Finland, will open at Lake Miyazawa in 2017. The lake Miyazawa is situated at Tokyo metropolitan area, in the city of Hanno. The surroundings of the lake are very reminiscent of Finland where Tove Jansson lived and created the Moomins.

Metsä will consist of two zones; the “Moomin zone” and the “Public zone”. In the Moomin zone you can experience the world of Moomin stories and in the Public zone you may feel the Scandinavian atmosphere and enjoy the rich nature.

Moomin world: © Moomin CharactersTM/Bulls & Dennis Livson

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