Moomin - Coding School

Moomin Coding School helps familiarize 5–9 year-old children with the basics of computer programming. Moomin Coding School began way back in Finland when one of Reaktor’s software developers, Juha, wanted to teach his four-year-old daughter to code. Seeing that she enjoyed it immensely, Juha decided to carry this idea further with other Reaktorians and their children. Everyone liked it – and Coding School was born. Hundreds of 5–9 year-old kids with their parents have joined Reaktor’s coding workshops to try out the basics of programming in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Finland has been ranked one of the leading countries in information and communication technology. Finland is well known for an active learning style that helps students learn by doing. Coding School has become a nationwide phenomenon, following a larger societal trend. Programming is also included in the 2016 Finnish national core curriculum for basic education.

The Moomin Coding School is launching at Slush Asia 2016 on May 14th. The instructors are friendly Reaktor developers, and no prior experience in coding is required of the young coders – or their parents.

About Reaktor: Reaktor is a creative technology house that constructs exceptional digital services. Reaktor builds services for clients specializing in finance, retail, media, telecommunications, in-flight services and the public sector. Reator’s offices are located in New York, Helsinki and Tokyo.

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