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The Moomins at School


  • Created in 1945 by the artist Tove Jansson
  • +200.000 Facebook fans
  • 600 licensees worldwide
  • Revenue increase with 485 % from 2004 to 2015
  • +600 million Euros sold worldwide of the Moomin products
  • 7 Moomin cafés globally
  • Moominworld theme park in Finland
Moomin Business


”Wisdom for the whole family”

The Moomins are a carefree and adventurous family  who live in their house in the peaceful Moominvalley. They are the central characters in the works of celebrated Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson. Her books about the Moomin family and their adventures were published between 1945 and 1970. They have been translated into over 50 different languages.

In addition to nine novels, Tove Jansson has illustrated picture books and Moomin comics in collaboration with her brother Lars Jansson and penned songs inspired by the figures. The Moomins have starred in many popular TV-shows and films all over the world. The Moomins have their own theme park in Finland and another one is opening in Japan in 2017. The Moomin stories have a strong humanistic message and the books offer flashes of insight and observations about the world and the different paths life can offer.