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Modesty Blaise


  • 99 storylines produced for the Modesty Blaise comic strip
  • 13 Novels and short storys
  • 3 movies
  • Since 1969 the comic strip in distribution in Sweden
  • Modesty Blaise has a cult following globally
Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise

”A feminist role model”

The Modesty Blaise comic strip is over 50 years old. But Modesty herself proves that age is of minor relevance for a comic book heroine: at the beginning of her career she was 26 years old and now she is approximately 28(!)

Modesty Blaise is a British comic strip featuring a fictional character of the same name, created by author Peter O’Donnell and illustrator Jim Holdaway in 1963. The strip follows Modesty Blaise, an exceptional young woman with many talents and a criminal past, and her trusty sidekick Willie Garvin.

Modesty Blaise is a feminist role model. O’Donnell once declared that one of his most important goals when he created Modesty was “to create a heroine capable of doing things traditionally reserved for men.”  Since her inception Modesty Blaise has appeared in hundreds of comic strips published in papers, comic books, comic albums and online and also in several films.