Mamma Moo and Crow


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Mamma Mu och Kråkan

© Jujja Wieslander och Sven Nordquist.


  • 2,1 million books sold internationally
  • +1,6 million books sold in Sweden
  • 10 books that have been translated into 36 languages
  • 2008 a Swedish-German-Hungarian animated movie about Mamma Mu released
Mamma Moo and Crow

Mamma Moo and Crow

”Uncowly friendship”

The stories were originally created for a series of children s programs on the radio 1985 – 90 by Jujja Wieslander and later when the books were published, illustrated by Sven Nordqvist.

The songs and the books, translated to more than 30 languages, have been lovable classics among pre-school children for more than 30 years.Mamma Moo and Crow/ Mamma Mu och Kråkan (Swe) are two strong characters with minds of their own. The cow that behaves uncowlike and her reluctant crow friend create mischievous adventures celebrating their unusual and unbreakable friendship.

They are a family oriented brand to be identified with a wide range of categories and licensing programmes.