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Lilla Anna & Långa Fabrorn

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  • 8 books about Lilla Anna (“Little Anna”) and her friend Långa Farbrorn (“The Tall Man”)
  • Lilla Anna has been featured in numerous & TV series. Latest one was made in 2012
  • + 50 years Little Anna has been a popular and well-recognized children’s character in Sweden
Lilla Anna

Little Anna (and the Tall Man)

”Girlpower in a small & sweet package”

Lilla Anna & Långa Farbrorn (Little Anna & The Tall Man)  is a Swedish children’s book series written and illustrated by Inger and Lasse Sandberg. The first book was published in 1964. The main characters are Anna, a little girl in a red dress, and Långa farbrorn, a tall man in a yellow suit and a green top hat. In total 18 Lilla Anna books has been published.

Lilla Anna has also appeared on TV and on plenty of licensed products including games, plushies and toys. In 2012 a Lilla Anna & Långa Farbrorn feature film was released and rather successful in Sweden.