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  • 6 Oscars for his films
  • 7 Cannes filmfestival awards
  • 2 Bafta awards
  • Directed over 60 films and 170 plays
  • Produced hundreds of books and articles
  • One of the most noteworthy filmmakers in the world
  • 2018 will globally celebrate his 100th year anniversary

"World-famous filmmaker & the icon of Scandinavian arthouse"

Academy and Tony award-winning Swedish screen and stage writer, director and producer. Known for his films that explore the philosophical and spiritual facts of life. Among his best known films are The Seventh Seal (1957), Persona (1966) and Fanny & Alexander (1983). Many well-known directors, such as Woody Allen, have paid homage to Bergman in their own films. Ingmar Bergman is a symbol of Sweden abroad, like Volvo, Ikea, Björn Borg or Abba.

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