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  • Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award prize
    nominee 2019
  • The Swedish Publishers Association
    Honorary Award 2018
  • ”Ilons Wonderland”, a museum dedicated
    to Ilon Wikland, with over 600 watercolours,
    in Haapsalu, Estonia.
  • A treasure of illustrations, over 1.000
    images in our styleguide

Ilon Wikland

Ilon Wikland is an Estonian-born Swedish artist and illustrator. In 1944 she escaped the Soviet occupation of Estonia and arrived in Sweden as a refugee. In 1953 Wikland applied for a job as an illustrator at Swedish publisher Rabén & Sjögren, where she started working with Astrid Lindgren. Wikland has said that Astrid’s writing makes her see inner pictures. She also derives inspiration for her pictures from real life. Wikland illustrates in the the same way that Astrid Lindgren wrote - for “the child within her”.