• Playfulness
  • Pedagogy
  • Art & Design
  • Curiosity
  • Humor
  • Inclusion and tolerance
  • Gender neutral
  • Environment


  • Text Carin Wirsén and image Stina Wirsén
  • There are about 18 titles with Brokiga
  • The first book “A Little Pink and Many Small Brokiga”published in 2006

Little Pink & Brokiga

Brokiga stands for playful and joyful education.

By encouraging curiosity and with unconventional speedy upturns, the child learns to count without even realizing it. Brokiga praises differences and loves diversity, they live their lives without assessing themselves or others. A Brokiga figure can race around the sidewalk with fangs and a princess dress, unmatched and unbothered.