Betty Boop - Chupa Chups

King Features Syndicate and Chupa Chups® have reached an agreement to co-brand the name and distinctive logo from the world-renowned lollipop brand with the name and likeness of Betty Boop™, one of the most iconic animated characters in history.

The Chupa Chups® brand, which belongs to the Italian confectionery Perfetti Van Melle, was launched in Spain in 1958. Its famous logo was designed by Salvador Dalí. Today, Chupa Chups® is a global brand with a huge international awareness as the most popular and consumed lollipop in the world. Every year, billions of these high quality candies, with a large variety of flavors in the characteristic colourful wrappers, are enjoyed by people of all ages in 150 countries. In fact, Chupa Chups® enjoys a tremendous emotional link with its customers and has become a part of popular culture to the point of becoming a generic name for lollipops.

“This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to bring two sweet brands together to create a unique and exciting new offer in the market,” said Marta Ballesteros, senior brand manager for Chupa Chups.

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