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Betty Boop
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  • 1,6 million Facebook fans
  • 2016 PANTONE Betty Boop Red released
  • 2018 a new 26-episode television series will be released with Normaal Animation & Fleischer Studios
Betty Bubbles

Betty Boop

Animations “First Lady”

From her very first appearance in 1930, Betty Boop won the hearts of fans around the world with her unique blend of wide-eyed innocence and powerful cartoon sensuality. Today, animation’s first leading lady remains a glamorous international star who has ignited a fashion-centric trend with 90 percent of women and teens globally.

Betty Boop’s licensing program covers the spectrum of products, from accessories to zipper pulls and everything in between, all of which continue to resonate at retail through partners around the world. In addition to solidifying her position in the United States and Canada, King Features has built strong programs throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin and South America and the Middle East. The Betty Boop brand is a global phenomenon.

Betty Boop is stepping out with Boop ’tude in new high-end, highly trendy fashion collaborations around the world. #BoopLove!

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