• Good Values
  • Tolerance
  • Kindness
  • High Awarness
  • Helpful
  • Family
  • Gender Neutral
  • Art & Design


  • Large social media following and Youtube channel
  • Very modern and up to date
  • Favourite brand amongst bloggers and influencers
  • The company donates 10 % of profits charity
  • The characters are easily identified by toddlers
  • Babyloonz are featured in original music videos and an online TV series
  • The Babyloonz songs are puiblished on Spotify
  • 30 minutes movie set to premiere winter 2018

Entertains and educates kids, while helping parents

Babyloonz consists of 4 babies (Iggy, Dada, Toto and Momo) and their dragon friend Baba, who through tv programmes and music videos entertains small children while helping them develop. All material is gender neutral, educational and has an apparent value-system. While the kids have fun, the parents everyday life is made easier through for example the ”Brush Your Teeth”-song.